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57+ Creative Topics for Your Wedding Venue Blog

Coming up with content ideas is one of the toughest part of blogging, no matter the industry. 

Fortunately for wedding venue managers, there is a wealth of ideas to write about weddings! From bridal style to centerpiece ideas to etiquette to the newest trends, you have a vast range of topics to write about. 

I’ve pulled together nearly 60 topic ideas that you can refer to any time you’re stuck and need a bite from the blogging muse. 

Real Weddings

You have a steady stream of content ideas flowing through your venue every weekend during wedding season. I’m talking about the real weddings that you’ve already booked. 

These are your calling card. They’re the way you promote your venue to future clients. You can share unique ways that couples decorated the space to show off its versatility and build up excitement about viewing the venue.

Logistically, you just need to do a few things: 

  • Make sure your contract with the couple states that you may use the couple’s reviews and wedding pictures in your blog.
  • Reach out to the couple’s wedding photographer to get their permission to use their pictures in your blog. If you agree to include a backlink to the photographer’s website, they’ll usually agree to this.
  • Remind the photographer to share images with you a few weeks after the event takes place.

Then write your post and share those sweet stories.

Some wedding venue blogs only write wedding recaps. I recommend switching it up with some of the following ideas. While real weddings can help seal the deal for couples who were considering your venue, they’re not the kind of content that gives your site much of an SEO boost.

Wedding Planning Tips

Blog posts in this category could be helpful both to professional wedding planners and to couples. Most people planning weddings have never done any major event planning before, and could use all the help you can offer. 

These topics could be good SEO opportunities, answering questions that people commonly search for. You can include practical content, like tips for event schedules and guest lists. But you may also want to help couples navigate the emotional issues that come with wedding planning. It can be a stressful time!

Some ideas: 

  • 7 Tips for Creating Your Guest List
  • The Most Popular Wedding Songs of 2021
  • 15 Ways to Save on Your Wedding Catering
  • How to Pick the Music For Your Wedding
  • How to Plan the Perfect Outdoor Wedding
  • 8 Tips for Choosing a Wedding Planner
  • 12 Ways to Remember Lost Loved Ones On Your Wedding Day
  • 25 Photos You Must Get on Your Perfect Wedding Day
  • 4 Moments to Include In Your Wedding Ceremony
  • Tips for Planning Your Rehearsal Dinner
  • Pros and Cons of a Weekday Wedding
  • The Ideal Schedule for Your Wedding Reception
  • How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Venue
  • Ten Important Questions You Should Ask Your Event Venue
  • How To Tackle Wedding Planning Anxiety
  • Tips for Writing Your Own Vows
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Wedding Inspo

Beyond practical planning, give brides and grooms some inspiration in your wedding venue blog. These Pinterest-worthy topics will help couples to put a personal touch on their big day and create their own wedding vision. 

Some ideas include: 

  • 24 Fall Wedding Food Ideas Your Guests Will Love
  • 40 Ways to Wow Your Wedding Guests
  • 9 Fun Cocktail Hour Ideas for Your Wedding
  • Gold and Blush – The Perfect Wedding Color Combo
  • 5 Clever Wedding Table Number Ideas
  • 7 Ways to Elevate Your Wedding
  • 28 Totally Unique Wedding Send-Off Ideas
  • Tips for a Roaring 20s Theme Wedding
  • Top [City] Wedding Photo Locations
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Decoration ideas, like:

  • 13 Ways to Use Draperies and Curtains at Your Wedding Venue 
  • 9 Chic Wedding Centerpieces and Table Decorations for Your Elegant Wedding
  • How to Use Uplighting to Create Your Wedding Vibe
  • How to Decorate Your Outdoor Event Venue
  • 7 Rustic Wedding Decorations for Your Barn Wedding

Vendor Recommendations & Tips

As an industry pro, you know who all the right local wedding vendors are. Share your inside knowledge with couples to take the guesswork out of planning the dream wedding.  

You could also do interviews with some of your preferred vendors, so they can give their advice directly.

Possible post topics:

  • The 6 Best Event Caterers in [town]
  • Our Favorite Florists in [town]
  • Questions for Your Wedding Florist
  • How to Pick the Bride’s Perfect Bouquet
  • The Best Wedding DJs in [town] To Keep the Dance Floor Moving
  • 5 Reasons You Should Hire A Wedding Planner
  • How to Pick a Wedding Planner in 5 Simple Steps
  • DJ or Live Band? Which is Right For Your Wedding?
  • Best Places for Your Guests to Stay in [City]

Wedding Etiquette

Weddings are an etiquette minefield, and unsuspecting couples can land themselves in hot water if they’re not careful. Help them navigate the do’s and don’ts of their special day with your expertise.

Some ideas: 

  • Managing Blended Families on Your Wedding Day
  • How to Address Your Wedding Invitations and Escort Cards
  • What to Do When You Want a Child-free Wedding
  • Wedding Party Responsibilities & Duties
  • How To Share Your Registry
  • Who Gets a +1??
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Wedding Trends

For couples who want to stay on the cutting edge, help them keep up-to-date with the newest wedding trends. Huge parties are out (thanks COVID), and minimonies are in!

  • What Will the Next Generation’s Weddings Look Like?
  • Skip the Cake — Modern Wedding Dessert Trends
  • Tips for Planning a Minimony
  • Top Bachelorette Party Destinations of 2021
  • Is Assigned Seating Still the Way to Go?
  • The End of the Receiving Line
  • The Newest Wedding Dress Trends
  • The Top Wedding Colors of [Year]

Promotional Content

Once you’ve shared wedding ideas and helped couples to navigate their nuptials, you can include some shameless self promotion. It’s your wedding venue blog, after all!

Here are a few ideas:

  • Press Mentions
  • Accolades, like The Knot’s Best of Weddings
  • Why X is the Perfect Venue for Your Wedding
  • Ways to Use [special feature] at Your [Venue] Wedding
  • Spectacular Spring Flowers at [Venue]

Wedding Venue Blog Tips

Once you’ve come up with the content topic for your wedding venue blog, there are some important tips to keep in mind. 

Include plenty of images in your posts. Ideally, these will be pictures from weddings at your venue. Only use pictures with permission from the photographer, and always give them clear credit.

After you’ve hit “Publish” on your blog posts, make sure to promote them! Links on your social media will help drive traffic to your blog. Pay special attention to Pinterest. It’s huge with couples planning weddings, and it’s often the first place they go for wedding design and planning inspiration.  

Bookmark this post so you can refer to it anytime you’re in a blog rut. And if you need a little help with the writing, let me know. I’ve written blogs and website content for event venues and vendors, and I can help you out too!

57+ Creative Topics for Event Venue Blogs


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