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74 Content Ideas for a Popular Hotel Blog

I’m gonna level with you.

Hotels have it easy.

Not in an overall “the hotel industry is a cinch” kind of way.

Just in a “there are a million great topics for hotel blog posts” kind of way.

Events or attractions that makes your city sound cool and desirable? Fair game. Any kind of neighborhood or food guide that a potential guest might find useful? Awesome. Updates on what you’re changing around the hotel? Bring it.

As a hotel, you have a whole city’s worth of content, waiting to be explored. 

To get started, it can help to organize your blog into categories that you think would be valuable to your reader. What kind of information is a visitor to your city going to be interested in? 

Here are some ideas:

  • Tips for Business Travelers
  • Food & Beverage Around the City
  • Seasonal or Citywide Events
  • Travel Tips
  • Local Attractions
  • Where To Go Shopping
  • Behind the Scenes

If you approach your hotel blog as a travel and lifestyle guide to your city, you’ll literally never run out of content ideas. To help you get started, here are 74 hotel blog ideas that you can add to your content calendar right now.

Business Travel

If you see a lot of business travelers, a blog category just for them can show that you understand their needs. Here are some article topics for inspiration.

  1. The X Best Restaurants for a Business Dinner in [City]
  2. The Best Coffee Shops for Remote Work in [City]
  3. How to Spend a Solo Weekend in [City]
  4. The Best Tech for Business Travelers
  5. Our Favorite Computer Bags for Business Travelers
  6. X Co-Working Spaces in [City]
  7. Tips for Avoiding Burnout for Frequent Travelers
  8. The Top 10 Biggest Business Conferences in [City]
  9. Local Meet-Up Groups for Business Travelers
  10. The Ultimate Guide to [City] Business Resources (think print shops, overnight mailing, tech repair, etc.)
  11. How to Survive a One-Day Business Trip

Food & Beverage

Visitors to your city need to eat. In fact, some people visit new towns specifically for the food. Use your insider knowledge of the area to get them started with the must-visit eateries.

  1. Best Breakfast or Brunch Spots in [City or Neighborhood]
  2. Best Sandwiches in [City or Neighborhood]
  3. The Top Ramen/Cheeseburgers/Pizza/Sushi/Tacos in [City or Neighborhood]
  4. Best Outdoor Patios in [City]
  5. Best Cocktail Bars in [City]
  6. X Restaurants for a Romantic Meal in [City]
  7. Where to Get the Best Ice Cream in [City]
  8. The Best French Fries in [City]
  9. Celebrating the Local Cuisine of [City]
  10. Best Places for a Cocktail with a View in [City]
  11. The Best Wineries/Distilleries/Breweries in [City]
  12. All the Best Eats and Drinks Within Walking Distance of [Local Convention Center]

Seasonal or Citywide Events

What big annual or seasonal events are can’t-miss? Here in Austin, everyone already knows about SXSW and ACL. But they may not know about less famous events like the Armadillo Christmas Bazaar or the Austin Film Festival.

  1. Must-Do Events in [Spring/Summer/Fall/Winter]
  2. Guide to the Local Christmas Markets
  3. Best Places to See Holiday Lights in [City]
  4. What to Do on New Year’s Eve in [City]
  5. The Best Food Festivals in [City]
  6. Guides to local music or food festivals
  7. Best Walking Tours in [City] For History/Art/Architecture Buffs

Travel Tips

Travel has its own best practices and insider tips. As a hospitality pro, you probably know quite a few of them. Share your wisdom.

  1. Best Credit Cards to Use for Travel Points
  2. Best Travel Reward Programs for Frequent Travelers
  3. How to Be a Green Traveler (tips for reducing water usage and your carbon footprint)
  4. These X Items Make Travel Easier
  5. Tips to Sleep on a Plane
  6. How to Stay Healthy While Traveling
  7. Tips for a Healthy Continental Breakfast
  8. The [Hotel] Guide for International Traveler

Local Attraction Guides

What do the locals do? What are the best neighborhoods, outdoor spots, hiking trails, and live music venues? People are always looking for fun activities when they travel.

  1. Things the Locals Never Do in [City]
  2. Spend an Afternoon in [City or Neighborhood]
  3. The Best Places to Take Family Photos in [City]
  4. The Best Places to Take Romantic Photos in [City]
  5. The Ultimate Guide to Murals/Street Art in [City]
  6. The Top X Museums You Have to Visit in [City]
  7. The Best Things to do With Kids in [City]
  8. Top Places To Go Hiking in [City]
  9. Live Like a Local: The Top Outdoor Attractions in [City]
  10. The Best Live Music Venues in [City]
  11. The Local’s Guide to [Local Amusement Park]
  12. X Strangest Attractions in [City]
  13. Don’t Leave [City] Without Doing [Interesting Attraction]
  14. Best Local Parks to Spend an Afternoon
  15. [City] Off the Beaten Path
  16. Best Places Near [City] for a Day Trip
  17. Where to Find the Best Views in [City]
  18. Best Walkable Neighborhoods in [City]

Shopping & Pampering Guides

For some travelers, travel is an opportunity to treat yo’ self. That could mean massages, manicures, or shopping trips. Help people who are planning a visit to your city to plan their perfect day.

  1. Where To Get Souvenirs for Everyone on Your List in [City]
  2. X Best Clothing Boutiques in [City]
  3. The Best Spas in [City] (only if your hotel doesn’t have an in-house spa!)
  4. Where to Get a Great Manicure/Pedicure in [City] (again, only if you don’t offer them in-house!)
  5. The Best Local Artisan Markets in [City]
  6. A Guide to [City’s] Farmer’s Markets
  7. Best Independent Bookstores in [City]
  8. Our Favorite Shops Within Walking Distance of [Hotel]

“Peek Behind the Curtain” Blogs

What’s going on behind closed doors? Hotel upgrades, private events, and even a little history can help tell your hotel’s story and build a little buzz.

  1. Spotlight on a recent wedding at the hotel
  2. Cocktail-making tips from a bartender or bar manager
  3. Hotel remodel announcements
  4. New tech upgrades
  5. New food and beverage offerings
  6. Promote upcoming events
  7. Spotlight frequent hotel guests who belong to your reward program
  8. Spotlight on local creative artists whose work is displayed at the hotel
  9. Hotel history
  10. Meet the Concierge (Include some of their favorite local tips)

Get the Blog Traffic. Then Get the Booking Traffic.

So let’s say you’ve taken a few of these hotel blog post ideas, and turned them into some great content. What happens next?

First, you have to promote them. Share them on your social media and in your email list. As you gain more traffic to these posts over the following months, you should start to see an improvement in your overall site performance. This can help your website to appear higher in searches for hotels in your area, guiding potential customers right to you. 

How do I know that it works? 

Well, there are a lot of factors that go into a successful content marketing strategy. 

So I’ll leave you with this.

Today, I Googled “boutique hotels in San Francisco.” Once I got past the listing sites and travel blogs—CultureTrip, TimeOut, TripAdvisor, etc.—I checked the first three actual boutique hotel websites to appear. 

They were Hotel Drisco, Hotel Griffon, and Golden Gate Hotel.

All three have blogs.

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