Event Venue Brochures

An event venue's brochure is one of its key marketing tools. A well-written brochure can help couples and companies envision their big event in your space and feel confident that you'll guide them through the process. Get tips and ideas for content to include and how to better connect with potential clients.

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    Event Venue Brochures

    Should Your Event Venue’s Pricing Be in Your Brochure?

    When assessing event venue options, potential clients have a long list of questions. One of those will inevitably be the cost of the rental. But exactly when and how to reveal this information is the subject of some debate. Is it better to be upfront? Or should you hold back the pricing, letting the clients fall in love with your perfect venue before revealing the price tag? Here are four questions to help you figure out how and when your venue should share the numbers. Are Your Clients Cost-Conscious? The purpose of your event venue brochure is to sell your event space. That means we’re only including information that will help to make that sale. If…

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    Event Venue Brochures

    The Ultimate Event Venue Brochure Content Checklist

    Updated September 22, 2020 Blame (or thank) Silicon Valley, but formal business culture is on the decline. In fact, life as we know it has grown more laid back over the past 20-odd years. Casual Friday has become Casual All-The-Time. Weddings have moved from hotel ballrooms to rustic barns. And tuxedos gave way to suits, and then to suit jackets. Now, a simple button-down shirt is considered “dressed up.” This de-formalization could be great news for your restaurant or non-traditional event venue.  About 92% of event planners anticipate more events will be booked outside of a hotel than just five years ago. Plus, one event planning company anticipates event demand…