What's the one communication channel that most people check every day?

It's not Instagram. It's not Facebook.

It's email.

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And yet…

One study showed that only a third of restaurants send emails monthly. 

And with an average return on investment of 122%, that means 2/3 of restaurants are neglecting one of the best tools in their arsenals.

Don’t think event venues or hotels are off the hook, either.

Another benefit to email? Unlike your Facebook or Instagram data, you own your email list—and any analytics that come from it.

What would happen if Instagram went belly up? You’d lose access to that entire contact list and all those relationships you’d built. 

But with email, that data is yours to keep.

Even better—email marketing lets you reach a warm audience of potential customers that have already opted to hear from you. And you don’t have to worry about your content being blessed by the algorithm gods, or hope that lots of people happen to check the feed that day. 

Your emails will go straight to their inbox, ready for them to click through (as long as your email writer knows how to avoid the spam folder!). 


“Ok,” I can hear you saying. “But I don’t have time for email marketing. And even if I did, I wouldn’t know what to say.”

That’s when you bring on an email copywriter. I can help you to craft your email campaigns to this warm audience and write catchy headlines to optimize your open rate.

When done well, marketing emails can massively outperform any other marketing channel—at an affordable price.

Pool with white and blue float on a yellow and white striped towel

Let’s dip our toes in those
refreshing email waters.

I will work with you to create a tasty cocktail of informative content,
entertaining goodies, and promotional sales emails that will get subscribers to click through to your site. 

More repeat customers, more sales, better profit margin, happier you.

First thing’s first—are you collecting email addresses?

If not, start with this blog post all about building your list.

"It was an absolute pleasure to work with Kathryn. She completed the task ahead of schedule and put a ton of thought and effort into the work. I would highly recommend her for any freelance writing work."
- Lev

The Email Copywriting Process

woman talking into a cell phone on a tripod

First, we’ll chat about the content. We could promote specials, discounts, get traffic to your blog, share press…the options are endless!  

clear pen holder with pink and blue pens

I’ll assess your current marketing materials and any documentation to get a feel for your brand voice so the emails will sound like you. Then, I’ll get tippy-tapping and write something delightful.

woman typing at her laptop with pencils in a pink pencil holder

Next, you’ll lay it out in your email software (using my provided wireframe as a guide), do a quick A/B test (using my Guide to A/B Testing), and you’ll be ready to roll!

Hospitality & Lifestyle Email Copywriting

What You’ll Get

  • Copy for 2 email newsletters per month, up to 400 words each
  • 2 email subject lines per message for A/B testing
  • Wireframe with proposed newsletter layouts
  • The EWDC Guide to A/B Testing

Starting at $250 per month

Email Copywriting FAQ

  • Can I get more than two emails per month?

    Sure! We can chat about the appropriate number of messages for your market and brand. Just remember: your customers want to hear from you, but they don’t want to be bombarded.

  • What is A/B testing?

    The best way to figure out what works and what doesn’t is to test it! With A/B testing, you’ll send out the email to a small group of your subscribers with Headline A, and to another small group of your subscribers with Headline B. When we know which headline has the better open rate, we’ll use that one as the headline for everyone else! If you work with me, I’ll send you my Guide to A/B Testing, so you’ll know exactly how it works.

    This kind of testing can also be used to test messaging, images, calls to action, and more.

  • What about welcome emails or sales funnels?

    I can do those too! Fill out my online form and let’s start to chat about what you need. 

    We could do a welcome email sequence, abandoned cart sequence, re-engagement campaign...there are tons of email automations we could set up to keep your list active.

  • What if I want you to do the layout in Mailchimp, ConvertKit, or Constant Contact?

    I try to keep my services as affordable as possible, which is why I usually provide copy only. But if you’d like me to design your email, I’m happy to do that for an additional fee. Just keep in mind—I’m a writer, not a designer.

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