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Get Inspired: Hospitality Copywriting Examples to Feed Your Muse

Good copy does a lot of things.

It establishes a brand voice. It connects with the brand’s ideal customer. It clearly explains the product, service, or offer to that customer. And it does all that in a way that makes the prospect want to buy it.

One of the best ways to get a feel for good copy is to immerse yourself in it! 

So I’ve chosen a few examples of hotel, event venue, and restaurant copywriting to serve as inspiration. 

Each of these independent companies is based in the Austin area, since that’s where I live. My guess is that one may have an internal marketing team that wrote their copy, at least one definitely hired a copywriter, and one probably did their own copy.

Let’s see what kind of magic these businesses have come up with.

Hotel Copywriting Examples

Stonewall Motor Lodge

Pull Over and Stay a While. Climb into your Ford Thunderbird and drive out for a stay at the Stonewall Motor Lodge, nestled among 3-acres of tress between Johnson City and Fredericksburg. Originally built in 1964, this restored L-shaped motel combines modern luxury with a retro twist, featuring 12 remodeled rooms and 4 private cabins—faithful to their mid-century modern roots—along with 5 RV sites.
Start your day with a cup of coffee in the lounge with your fellow motorists while you plan your adventure with The SML Official Roadmap to the 290 Wine Trail. Hike at Enchanted Rock, ramble through historic Fredericksburg, grab a drink and catch some live music in Luckenbach, or visit one of over 75 wineries, breweries, and distilleries only a short drive away. Finish up back at the motel for a glass of Hill Country wine on the 2nd floor Observation Deck, under the Texas stars.

What’s good:

This hotel website copy for the Stonewall Motor Lodge is the only entry on this list that I wrote. I had to include one!

Here’s what I like about it.

It creates that retro motor lodge vibe from the very beginning, with car and driving-related terminology. (Fun fact: it was originally a 1953 Buick Skylark, but the client requested a change to a more well-known car.)

The copy is also focused on the potential customer. It makes them the main character of this story and helps them to see themselves experiencing the area and the motel. This is a good example of how you can share what you offer while connecting those amenities to the customer experience.

What I would do differently: 

Just like all writers, copywriters are seldom 100% pleased with what they create. I wrote this copy about two years ago, and while I do like it, I would change it a bit if I had a do-over. 

For starters, I would make most of the sentences shorter for better readability. Also, a couple of the phrases are a bit on the wordy side. Not too egregious, but I think they can be tightened up.

Also—why, oh why, did I use numerals for every number except for “five RV sites”? That’s gonna bug me forever. 

South Congress Hotel

About. The living room for the neighborhood, South Congress Hotel is an 83-room boutique hotel designed to be a hub of activity for the community. A place for travelers and locals alike, the hotel has three unique restaurants, a coffee + bake shop, a rooftop pool, lobby bar, and two retail shops. All locally owned, all right at the doorstep of Austin's favorite street.

What’s Good: 

This little About section for the South Congress Hotel is super charming. 

I love the “living room of the neighborhood” idea. It evokes a place where everyone gathers to relax and have a good time, which is exactly what they were going for.

It’s also smart to mention that the hotel and tenants are “All locally owned.” Austin is growing at an unsettling pace, and not everyone is thrilled about that. By highlighting their local credentials, they show that the hotel is part of the community rather than a transplant. This comes from knowing their audience—locals who value authenticity, and potential guests who want a real Austin experience. 

What I would do differently:

I don’t think I would change anything here. I like it just how it is. But here’s something I would tweak. 

Three restaurants, two bars, one coffee & bake shop, a rooftop pool, two boutiques, a motorcycle shop. 
Button text - Eat + Drink

I would probably rewrite this with periods instead of commas. Clean sentence breaks are easier to follow. 

I would also want to do an A/B test on that Call to Action. Maybe swap it out for something a little more enticing, like “Eat Well” or “Dine In, Drink Up.”

Note: If the terms A/B test or Call to Action are drawing a blank, check out these blogs posts:

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Event Venue Copywriting Examples

Camino Real Ranch

There is a wild romance to Camino's landscape. Prairie grasses, desert succulents and cotton candy sunsets serve as a magical backdrop for your special event. Our modern desert aesthetic transports you to the wide expanse of West Texas or to the minimalist topography of Baja California, with the convenience of being minutes from downtown Austin.

What’s good: 

Some event venues write copy that sounds nice, but…it could easily be swapped with any other venue. They promise a unique event, lush landscape, modern elegance, etc. But they don’t really paint a picture. 

But the copy at Camino Real Ranch? This bad boy paints a picture. 

Without seeing a single photo, I can imagine the aesthetic of this place. I’m getting Palm Springs meets Texas vibes, and it’s screaming “amazing wedding photos.”

What I would do differently: 

Honestly? I’d throw an Oxford comma after “succulents,” because that’s how I roll. But that’s about it.

I might also add a CTA right beneath this section of copy. The only existing button on the page is the “Contact Camino” button in the top right corner. So it would be interesting to experiment with an additional button that leads people to another page that gets a lot of clicks on that Contract button. 

For example, if most site visitors start go from Home Page > Amenities > Contact, I might add a button to guide people to that Amenities page to move them further into the site. This could increase the likelihood that they will click the Contact button and fill out the online form. 

Barr Mansion

Events. It's not our place to tell you how to take advantage of 29,600 square feet of breathtaking space. We might suggest an unforgettable gala, a retirement party for a boss you actually like, a groundbreaking product launch or an intimate festival that changes the face of music — but again, we're not in charge. 
Button copy – find out more.

What’s good: 

At first glance, I expected the copy at Barr Mansion to be…safe. I figured they would go with luxury language, as so many wedding and event venues do. (Nothing wrong with that, by the way! It’s all about knowing your audience.)

But I was pleasantly surprised! 

The copy here is refreshingly casual, which makes me feel like their ideal client is looking for high-end but not stuffy. These event planners have money to spend, but they want it to be fun. And I think this copy fits that bill. It says, “We can do whatever is in your imagination, and we’re going to have a good time doing it.” 

What I would do differently: 

I’d probably change “ft2” to “sq ft.” I think it’s easier to read.

The only other thing I would want to change is that Call to Action. “Find out more” doesn’t really draw me in. So I would want to test out something that matches the vibe of the previous copy.

Maybe something like “Explore the possibilities” to play off the flexibility of the space.

Restaurant Copywriting Examples

The Well

Merging culinary expertise with functional nutrition, The Well is your source for conscious nourishment. We work with local farms, nutritionists, and culinary experts to offer healthy meals for dine-in, pick-up, or delivery. Eat with integrity and thrive on, Austin.

What’s good:

I’d actually never heard of The Well before today. But after reading this bit of copy, I think I have a very good sense of what they’re all about.

Their copy is super clear. They make nutritious, delicious food that I can eat onsite or at home, using ingredients from local farms. If I were a health-food nut (which I’m not), I’d be sold.

What I would do differently:

They don’t lead with the above copy, and I think they should. Instead, they lead with this: 

A bold approach to healthy eating. The Well blends top-tier nutrition, local and sustainable farming, and authentic flavors for a breakthrough culinary experience that redefines healthy food in Downtown Austin.

While this is nicely written, it’s a little vague. As I said, I’d never heard of The Well. And they don’t have “restaurant” or “cafe” anywhere in their name. So after reading this, I would have to wonder: is this a restaurant? A catering company? A private chef service?

I would start the page with the first section instead. It specifies that they provide meals for dine in, pick-up, and delivery, so I would know right away that this is a restaurant. 

JewBoy Burgers

Check out our menu, but remember, you never know what we might be playing with. So follow us on IG to see what's happening. items are subject to availability due to supply chain chaos. Hopefully the world returns to normal soon. Long. Deep. Sigh. 
Button copy — see our menu.

What’s good: 

I love casual copy. The tone of voice in this copy by JewBoy Burgers is so chill that it doesn’t even read like copy. It could come straight from the owner’s text messages to a friend. It’s friendly, intimate, and not overwritten. 

What I would do differently: 

I’d be afraid that if I started to fiddle with this, it would lose that “off the cuff,” written-by-the-owner feeling (and honestly, it probably was written by the owner).

So I probably wouldn’t mess with it, unless something in their analytics indicated there was a problem with people not clicking through to their menu.

What do you think?

Got any sweet copywriting examples to share? I’d love to see ’em! Drop me a note at or share it with me on Instagram.

Get Inspired: Hospitality Copywriting Examples to Feed Your Muse

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