What makes a great restaurant
or catering menu?

Great design? Of course!
A clean layout? Sure!
But what about the words on the page?

Your menu is one of the greatest marketing tools at your disposal. You may have the best photography, the sharpest social media, and the prettiest dining room. But without an appetizing menu, the customers still won’t be flooding through your doors.

Like any other sales page, your menu has to turn a “lead” into a customer. It has to titillate people and make them so excited to eat your food.

Since 77% of diners check restaurant websites before they decide where to eat, maximizing your menu’s tasty-factor can seal the deal for new customers.

But with so many things on your plate, many restaurateurs take a “good enough” approach to their menus instead of spending the time to reach greatness. A well-written menu can do more than pull in patrons. It can also justify higher menu prices — as long as the food quality backs them up.

With so much riding on the menu, maybe it’s time to bring in a professional menu writing service to make sure it really sizzles.

Menu on a grey plate with fall flowers on a brown table

The EDWC Menu Writing Process

AKA: how the heck does this work?

Loaf of bread on a white tea towel being sliced

The Appetizer

First, we’ll need to talk about the food. A list of menu items won’t be enough — I’ll need to know ingredients and cooking methods as well, so I can speak accurately about preparation and flavors. We’ll also need to chat about your restaurant concept and ideal customer so I can write with them in mind.

Salad with warm goat cheese and whole grain bread

The Main Course

I’ll craft mouth-watering descriptions of each menu item, free of the typos and spelling errors that plague so many menus! I’ll also include an allergy disclaimer, microcopy*, and additional content regarding gratuities, dress code, or any other restaurant policies.

Chocolate chip cookies being dipped into chocolate sauce

The Dessert

I’ll hand all the menu content over for your review and thoughts. Once we’ve finalized the content, you can pass it on to your designer for layout and beautification.

Menu Writing Service
from Apps to ‘Zerts
(that's desserts)

Starting at
$350 per menu.

Here’s what you’ll get with the EDWC Menu Writing Service:

  • A thorough review of your current menu, ingredients, and cooking methods
  • An audit of your brand voice and service style to create the right tone in your menu content
  • Menu content for up to 40 menu items
  • Microcopy and additional content as requested by you (like allergy info, dress code, restaurant policies)
  • 2 rounds of content edits


  • *What is microcopy?

    Microcopy is actually a UX term that refers to tiny bits of online content, like the text on a button or a call to action. But here, I’m using it to refer to the little bits of content that make your menu unique. This could be an invitation to place a to-go order or the menu category headers.

  • My menu is really long. Will that affect the price?

    Longer menus may incur additional fees.

  • How long will it take to get my menu content?

    That can vary based on when I receive the information about your menu and my current workload. Once we’ve had a chance to chat, I’ll be able to provide a delivery date.

  • What if I want to make some changes?

    This is a collaboration, so I want to know what you think! After I send over the menu content, I will do two rounds of edits based on your feedback. That way, we can make sure the tone of the menu is just right.

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