Write Your Own About Page: A Step-By-Step Guide


A 28-page guide with a step-by-step plan to writing your company About page.

From headline to body to call to action…plus little extras to make it pop.

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If you check your website’s analytics, you’ll probably find that your About page is one of the top-viewed pages on your site.

People want to know more about your business.

And if they don’t find what they’re looking for—or if they find a wall of text that they’re not going to read—you can turn your About page into a hindrance rather than a help.

If your current content isn’t cutting it, I get it. The About page is the single hardest page for a small business owner to write. 

Summing up our businesses—or even worse, summing up ourselves—is like starting a freight train from a dead stop. The wheels just spin and you feel like you’ll never get going.

You could hire someone like me to write it for you (and I’d be happy to do so!)

But that will cost you at least $250.

Or you can use this guide to write your own for just $35. 

Inside, you’ll learn how to write an About page that: 

  1. Tells the reader a bit about what they can expect from your business
  2. Tells the reader a bit about the company and/or the owner
  3. Asks the reader to take an action, like contacting you or placing an order
  4. Tops it all with a compelling headline to hook the reader’s attention

When we’re done with that, we’ll talk about some optional add-ons that you can include to establish trust with the reader. 

Inside, you’ll find:

  • Helpful headline formulas so you can attract attention from the jump
  • Call-to-action tips to get the reader to take an action
  • Additional content ideas to make the sale or reservation a no-brainer for the reader
  • Examples from my portfolio to illustrate each concept

While I wrote this content specifically with hospitality brands in mind, you could use it for just about any small business!

This is a digital product. You will receive an email with a link to the PDF, which you can download and keep forever.

7 Day Money Back Guarantee
If you this guide doesn’t help you write a better About page for your website, I’ll give you a full refund—no questions asked. Just email me at kate@eatdrinkandwritecopy.com within 7 days of your purchase.