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Event Venue Brochures

Should Your Event Venue’s Pricing Be in Your Brochure?

When assessing event venue options, potential clients have a long list of questions. One of those will inevitably be the cost of the rental.

But exactly when and how to reveal this information is the subject of some debate. Is it better to be upfront? Or should you hold back the pricing, letting the clients fall in love with your perfect venue before revealing the price tag?

Here are four questions to help you figure out how and when your venue should share the numbers.

Are Your Clients Cost-Conscious?

The purpose of your event venue brochure is to sell your event space. That means we’re only including information that will help to make that sale.

If your potential clients are cost-conscious, the price of your venue is crucial information. This is especially true if the pricing is a major selling point of your space!

On the other hand, if your venue is in a luxury market where cost is rarely an objection, then you may not need to include the pricing at this stage. For these clients, exclusivity and impressing their guests are much more important selling features.



At What Point In The Customer Journey Do They Get A Brochure?

Not all venues provide their brochures at the same point in the customer journey. For some, the brochure is the guest’s first look at the venue. For others, it’s only provided after the client has initiated contact with the venue through an inquiry form or email, so they’ve shown some interest.

For my client Sycamore Canyon Events, the event venue brochure was approached as a short teaser to build interest at the very beginning of the customer journey. Its purpose was to paint a picture, rather than to dig into every detail. So for that brochure, pricing was omitted.

But if your brochure is provided only upon request, we know that this potential client is already interested. They’re looking for more detail on regarding your venue’s capabilities and offerings.  So including pricing could make sense.

Wondering what else should be in your event venue brochure? Download the Ultimate Event Venue Brochure Checklist to make sure you don’t miss anything.

Are You Printing Your Event Venue Brochure, Or Will It Only Be Digital?

If you’re printing your brochure, think really hard before including pricing. Those numbers could change, which means you’ll have to re-print. And those glossy photo spreads are not cheap.

A better choice may be creating a separate pricing one-sheet that can accompany your glossy brochure. It will be significantly easier to edit, and can either be sent along with the brochure, or held back until customers ask for pricing. Your one-sheet could include simple package pricing for different event sites or guest sizes, along with per plate catering, add-ons like signature cocktails, and costs for linen and furniture rentals.

What Kind Of Service Do You Want To Provide?

A common complaint among couples is that pricing in the wedding industry is so hard to find. Most couples are planning a large event for the first time ever, so jumping through extra hoops to get rates can be a very frustrating experience.

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While it makes sense to control the narrative and only release pricing once the conversation has begun, withholding pricing may discourage potential clients from reaching out at all. Clients have a budget in mind, and they don’t want to waste time with a wedding venue that is out of their price range.

Will more transparency around pricing provide a better customer experience? If so, it could be worth adding.

Test It Out

Whether or not to include pricing in your event venue brochure will vary from venue to venue.

If you’re not sure which is right for your event space, why not test it? Create two versions of a digital brochure—one with pricing, and one without. Use each different brochure for a month, and track how many people who request the brochure follow up with an inquiry, and eventually book the space.

Not sure where to begin with your brochure? Here’s how I can help.

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