• A restaurant menu sits beside a plate of grains and vegetables
    Menu Writing Tips

    A Restaurant’s Top Marketing Tool: The Menu

    Take just a moment to think about the pillars of your restaurant’s marketing strategy. Your first thought was probably social media. Maybe your website. Perhaps you do some paid ads, either online or in old-fashioned print. But I’d be willing to bet that your menu was not at the top of that list. It may not be on the list at all.  Your menu is a tool to help your current guests navigate your food options. But that’s only half of it. It also has to sell people on your restaurant before they even come in the door. According to OpenTable, 93% of people look at menus online before deciding…

  • woman in a green and white striped shirt reading a restaurant menu
    Menu Writing Tips

    How to Write Menu Descriptions that People Want to Read

    Did you know that the average diner will spend less than 2 minutes reading your restaurant menu? Some people will only peruse the entrees, and some will beeline straight for their favorite protein. And some cheapos will just skim prices, looking for the lowest number they can find. (I feel you, fellow cheapos.) So you don’t have a lot of time to sell your best dishes. With limited real estate and even more limited attention spans, you need to make your menu descriptions helpful and enticing. So here are some menu writing tips that will put the winner in your dinner. Draw an accurate picture Word choice is important, and space…