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Talking Copy & Photography on The Savory Shot Podcast

Time to update my scrapbook, because last month saw the release of Baby’s First Podcast guest spot!

I had the absolute pleasure of talking with Mica McCook, Austin-based food photographer and host of The Savory Shot photography podcast. Mica takes absolutely magical food photos for restaurant owners, marketers, and cookbook creators. Her use of light is truly spectacular, making the food absolutely leap off the screen.

We had a delightful chat all about…

  • What a copywriter actually does [04:56]
  • The importance of sharing your process with potential clients (a big deal for service-based businesses!) [11:03]
  • Focusing your copy on the client rather than on yourself [28:02]
  • Where to find out what your preferred clients actually want [32:16]
  • Why I don’t really like to talk about an “ideal client” [39:43]

As it was my first time on a podcast, I definitely learned a few things. First of all, I talk too fast. 😬 And second, I could get to the point sooner. But those caveats aside, it’s a seriously juicy conversation where I shared a ton of my “tricks of the trade!”

Here’s a clip…

Thank you so much to Mica for having me on, it was a blast!

Find the episode pretty much anywhere you listen to podcasts like…

You can also access the show notes HERE

And make sure to follow Mica on Instagram @austinfoodguide for food photos or on @thesavoryshot for podcast updates!

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